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Yuneec -  Q500 Wizard

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Yuneec Q500 Wizard

One-hand full manual flight controls
The Typhoon Wizard is the World’s first One-hand remote control allowing to fly manually and automatically your aircraft.

Capturing every meaningful memory from a bird’s-eye view has just gotten easier with this ultra-lightweight remote control allowing you to focus on creating and capturing every exhilarating moment.

Functionalities like changing flight modes, flying manually, Watch Me and Follow Me, Return Home mode, Start motors and even the new revolutionary Point-to-Fly function right at the tip of one hand.

Smart Directional Controls

Using gyroscopes and sensors the Typhoon Wizard allows you to incline the remote switching from left and right sticks of a regular ST10+ remote control.

-Point front (from 0° and 40°) and use the flight control arrows to give directional instructions.
-Point up (from 40° and 90°) and use the flight control arrows to give altitude and yaw instructions.

All new Point-to-fly interaction

While performing activities such as sports, controlling your flying platform requires the need of a second pilot or a preset of programs to free your hands and change the camera view at any moment. With Point-to-Fly we have created the most intuitive way to change your camera point of view at anytime while performing these activities.

Simply point anywhere in the sky and change the position of the aircraft while using Watch Me or Follow Me and get into a completely new level of Personal Aerial Videography.

The most intuitive controls for your Typhoon Multicopters

Watch Me and Follow Me made easy.

Getting smooth professional footage flying has never been as easy as using The Typhoon Wizard in Watch Me mode. Set up the Typhoon’s position and automatically get amazing footage of your actions on the go, using a compact and intuitive device that you can wear anytime.
Your copilot in the sky
It’s never been this easy to get amazing aerial footage

-Point to Fly Function
-Full One-handed Flight Controls
-Follow Me Mode
-Watch Me Mode
-Water Resistant

Follows you as you climb

New Height tracking feature
The Wizard extends the “Follow Me” and “Watch Me” features from a 2 dimensional to a 3 dimensional flight path. This significant update allows the user to accomplish extreme close and accurate filming even when climbing or skiing down a slope.

Get Hollywood camera tracking footage with only the help of this compact 7 GPS remote controller.

Water resistant
Don’t let the elements stop you from capturing amazing moments. The Typhoon Wizard is water resistant and can be used in any environment, even in humid conditions.

Whether you are surfing or kayaking place the Typhoon Wizard in it’s included protective carrying waterproof bag, and bring your personal flying camera to the next level.

Compatible with all Typhoon Series

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