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Caratteristiche Tecniche:
Lunghezza 1360 mm
Altezza -
Diametro rotore princip. 1580 mm
Diametro rotore di coda 296 mm
Peso 3290 g + batterie
Radiocomando Per elicotteri (non incluso)
Motore brushless (non incluso)
Servocomandi 4 (non incluso)
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Sab -  GOBLIN 700 Flybarless
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SAB Goblin 700 - Fear Takes Flight; Competition Takes Cover.

Evil has come out to play, and the SAB Goblin is ready to take flight, bringing an unworldly level of 3D power that simply cannot be matched. The Goblin 700 has arrived.

We have been up to no good, conjuring the Goblin for one menacing purpose - domination, and nothing short of it.

Utilizing patent pending ingenuity, the SAB Goblin 700 takes performance to frightening heights by utilizing a state of the art dual belt drive power system, allowing massive brushless power to be directed to the main rotor without fear of failure so commonly seen with 700 sized electric helicopters today.

By utilizing a dual stage belt drive system, the Goblin 700 transfers this power to a helical output gear, which in turn drives the main rotor system and driven tail rotor system. Simply put, the power this system can handle is fearsomely evil.

Ingenuity flows throughout the Goblin, taking shape in the patent pending horizontal servo mounting system that directs servo torque directly to the flybarless main rotor system via short, stiff linkage rods that rotate via bearing raced support. This system is intensely strong, allowing power transfer to be as direct as mechanically possible, resulting in precision & rigidity that is simply unmatched.

By laying the servos horizontally, instead of installing them as a vertical unit, the CG is optimally lowered, allowing the Goblin to take great advantage of stellar 3D performance. Lower CG (Center of Gravity) directly equates to precision maneuvers throughout the entire realm of flight, allowing the SAB Goblin 700 to perform like no other helicopter flying today.

Craving performance not of this world? Take hold of the Goblin as it takes hold of you - RC helicopter performance that will bring true fear above, and sheer terror down low.

Modular Power System - Simple, Elegant, Beautiful

With the removal of a small handful of bolts, the entire power system will arise from the Goblin - cyclic servos, brushless motor, rotor system, main gear system - allowing this helicopter to be adjusted & repaired with great ease.

Dual Belt Driven Performance - Simple, Robust, Light Weight

By utilizing a belt driven main motor, immense power can be transferred without the fear of gear failure. Belt driven systems are amazingly efficient, incredibly durable, and best of all, belt drive systems are ethereally light in weight, cutting out the complexity, noise & added weight of a torque tube drive system.

12S 44.4V Power - The Goblin is Ready

Designed from the ground up with the insane power of 12S 44.44V systems, the Goblin was designed to handle every bit of power that can be thrown its way. With the dual stage belt drive system, the Goblin 700 can take full advantage of brutally high output brushless motors that are transforming the very nature of RC helicopter flight. Go for massive power - the Goblin demands it.

Aerodynamic Boom Shroud - Form & Function in One Beautiful Package

Italian designing takes one step further, coalescing the aerodynamic canopy with a near seamless transition to a carbon fiber tail boom covering. This aerodynamic shroud brings a unique beauty to the SAB Goblin, serving as an aerodynamic element that allows the Goblin to traverse the skies at mach speeds. Speed and power has never looked so good.

CNC Aluminum Flybarless Main Rotor System - Nothing but the Best

Taking full advantage of flybarless technology, the SAB Goblin 700 is offered in a flybarless kit only, utilizing a bearing raced blade grip control system for the absolute in precision & control. Nothing was held back throughout this build, and you can expect nothing less when the Goblin takes flight.

Light Weight Build - Power that can be Used Like No Other

By building the SAB Goblin with a keen eye on weight, SAB engineers were able to shave critical weight by utilizing carbon fiber materials & a dual belt driven gear system, which brings the Goblin to new worlds of power & performance.

Brutalized by the Best - Tareq Alsaadi & Bert Kamerrer

The SAB Goblin 700 was designed for the most intense flight regimes possible, and when it came to testing & performance, two of the best pilots in the world did their best to find the absolute limits of the Goblin. The Goblin personifies performance, and in the hands of the best, the Goblin is a fearsome sight to behold.

Patented Carbon Fiber Tail Boom - Strong, Light & Vibration Free

Reinforced with CNC aluminum for the utmost in strength, the patented carbon fiber tail system eliminates vibrations, allowing maximum rotor speeds to be achieved without the fear of vibration.

SAB Rotor Blades - Simply the Best

Rotor blades are the heart & soul of all helicopters, and the Goblin holds nothing back with included high performance, carbon fiber green color SAB main rotor blades & tail rotor blades, specially designed for the Goblin helicopters, allowing this 3D monster to be pushed farther & faster than all others around.


(1) SAB Goblin 700 - Kit Only
(1) SAB 700mm Carbon Fiber Main Rotor Blade Set
(1) SAB 110mm Carbon Fiber Tail Rotor Set

What’s Needed for Flight:

(3) Cyclic Servos - High Torque Recommended
(1) Tail Servo
(1) Brushless Main Motor
(1) Brushless ESC
(2) 6S 22.2V LiPo Battery - 12S 44.4V System
(1) Flybarless Gyro
(1) 7+ Channel Transmitter
(1) 7+ Channel Receiver
(1) LiPo Battery Charger

Kit Notes:

SAB Goblin 700 comes as a kit form, requiring a complete build and all necessary electronics. Kit is designed for advanced pilots only.

Contenuto del kit:
Elicottero da assemblare
Capottina carenata verniciata come in foto
Pale rotore principale "Goblin Style"
Pale di coda "Goblin Style"

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